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Trenton McKinney

Data Science, Analytics and Hardware Test Engineer

Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering - Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

I'm on the market to leverage my python data science and analytics background. I enjoy learning, solving challenging problems, data munging and visualization.

With a B.S. Electrical Engineering and 10+ years of electrical hardware testing, hardware test automation and data analytics experience, I bring a quantitative background of curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving to provide timely and effective solutions using python to automate data collection, wrangling, analysis and visualization.

That same engineering mindset, and acumen is also applied to staying abreast of the ever-evolving data science and analytics ecosystem. I enjoy solving problems, providing data driven insight and continually expanding my knowledge.

Data are only as valuable as the insights gleaned from analysis and I excel at using the python data science software ecosystem for data analysis, prediction, visualization and storytelling.

In between contract assignments, I'm a stay-at-home parent with grade school children and a continuous learner.


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